Music Facilities

The Chisnallwood Performing Arts Centre was built in 2005 to support the school’s performing arts program. It includes rooms for itinerant teachers, a computer music suite, recording studio, and performing and rehearsal spaces.

Concert Room


The main room is multipurpose: it holds the 70-piece orchestra rehearsal, but is also used for smaller performances such as the jazz group, rock groups, and a chamber group. It is also equipped with a PA system, CD, DVD and video player, and data projector. It has a grand piano for classical performance, and a Roland FP-5 electric piano that is used for contemporary music.
keyboardroomWeb.jpg There are three teaching rooms for the itinerant program. Each room has an internet connected computer for teachers to use as well as mirrors, whiteboards, and audio equipment. The keyboard teaching room has two electric pianos, including a weighted 88-note Technics piano.
drum2Web.jpg The drum teaching room is equipped with an acoustic and an electric drum kit. Students can use the electric kit with headphones, making group lessons easier. The teaching rooms are sufficiently soundproofed that lessons in adjacent rooms don’t interfere with each other.
Waiting area


The waiting area for the teaching rooms.


The suite has a small kitchen for cleaning instruments as well as tea and coffee making facilities.
Computer music room


The computer music room. Each computer is equipped with recording and composing software, including Sibelius 5.
Recording studio


Students can use a custom designed recording studio, with a 16-channel mixer and 4-channel digital recording. There are windows to two adjacent rooms, making it suitable for recording large groups such as the orchestra. There are patch connections to every performance and teaching room in the building.
Media Room


The second largest room (Media room) is large enough for dance lessons, and has a mirrored wall. It is equipped with surround sound, a CD, DVD and video player, and a data projector. This room is also a great breakout room or venue for small recitals.


The foyer area has enough room for small functions, such as tea and coffee during breaks.


The building has easy access. It is possible to drive right up to the main doors for loading and unloading. There is plenty of parking available as the building is beside the main school parking lot, and a paved playground on the other side of the building can also be used for parking. The centre is self contained, with toilets and kitchen facilities, making it suitable for conferences, workshop, and concerts. The centre is adjacent to the school hall, which was 2006. The centre ideal for warmup/preparations for larger performances in the main hall.

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