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Instruments lessons include: flute, violin, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, cello, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and hiphop dance.

All music groups are free, but sometimes there is a cost if the group needs to bus somewhere to perform, and some community concerts (later in the year, and mainly for choir) have a charge for audience members. Groups uniforms (Choir, Jazz, Irish) tend to be a special T shirt which we lend and black tidy trousers which are the students responsibility. We will inform you in good time if this will be needed.


Orchestra – all comers – Fridays 1.15-2.30pm

Ukulele – all comers – Monday lunchtime (work towards Strum Strike and Blow and Auckland Festival)

Marimba – all comers – Fridays 8am-8.35 (work towards Strum Strike and Blow and Repercussion concerts)

Choir – all comers – Monday 1.45-2.45pm (Voices Festival, ChCh Music festival and other concerts).

Jazz – mainly invited – Thursdays 1.15-2.40pm ( Junior Jazz Jam, ChCh Big Band Festival and other concerts and tours).

Jazz Combo Thursday 8am

Rock – auditioned with sign ups outside the office. (RockQuest, Pasifika Beats, BandQuest). Rehearsals mainly after school.

Theory Club – all comers – Fridays 2.45-4.20pm

Irish – Tuesday 8am

Sound tech – sign up outside the music office. The full training will take place in the April holidays

Computer Music – all comers – Available lunchtime and interval.  Also a Leisure Ed option in terms 2 and 3 for those who want a 12 week course of making computer music.

String Ensemble – Monday 8am

Recorder group – Wednesdays 8am in term 2 for those who want to play descant, alto, tenor or bass recorder at Strum Strike and Blow Festival.

Song writing club term 1 only

If you want to order the school CDs or production DVD, click here

On this site you can check out all the Chisnallwood Intermediate School music news, upcoming performances, music groups to join, sound tech, computer music, lesson timetables and more…

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Here’s a wee video about how our brain benefits when we play an instrument….