2018 Rock Band CD tracks

Written by ChissyMusic

Recorded live at Little Andromeda at the “Bands of Chisnallwood” night.

Band Members:

Jandal Smack: Ocean Sekihara – drums, Daniel Sinclair – bass, Sarah McCaffery – vocals, Jacob Carey – guitar, Hiromu Crosado – keys

E Sharp: Amelia Goomes – guitar and vocals, William Kao – keys, Lucas Smith – drums, Joshua Hardy – bass

Broken Elbow: Josh Wedlake – guitar, Rory Wood/Daniel Sinclair – bass, Luca Gilry – drums, Matthew Seinago/Hiromu Crosado – keys

Radio Wreckers: Niko Tudor-Oakley – drums, Ronan McKersey – bass, Sam McGregor- guitar, Lincoln Penei – guitar, Caley Van Der Kroon – vocals, Kiera Kennedy-Johns

TCP: Heinrich Muller – bass/vocals, Genesis Sherlock/Jon Biddington – drums, Tyrell Kakoi/Amazon Lam Sam – keys, Tanirau Flavell – keys/bass, Ngarangi Hutana-Waitoa, Cheldon Hayward – percussion

Ricochet: Josh Murray – drums, Fraser Hendry – bass, Ryan Scammell – guitar, Leni Smith – keys, Izzy Payne – vocals

Irish Band: Hiromu Crosado – fiddle, Rosa Jugovac – tin whistle, William Kao and Ocean Sekihara – bodhran, Amelia Goomes – guitar, Judith Bell – mandolin


1. Jump by Van Halen
2. Rising Force by Yngwie Malmsteen
3. Cult of Personality by Living Colour
4. Audioslave by Set it Off

5. Same by Amelia Goomes (original)
6. Yellow by Coldplay

7. Together by Josh Wedlake (original)

8. Lights Out by Royal Blood
9. Time by Lincoln Penei and the band (original)

10. Long Ride Hone by Mark Vanilau

11. Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
12. Don’t You Worry “bout Me by Izzy Payne (original)
13 I want you to Want Me by Cheap Trick
14. In the Summertime by Thirsty Merc
15. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

16. Toss the Feathers (trad) based on arrangement by the Corrs
17 Medley: The Butterfly, The Road to Lisdoonvarna, Drowsy Maggie