Term 3 Week 4

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The jazz band had a successful trip to Wellington to play and workshop with Dr Rich Roberts in the WeBO festival and also performed at Hanmer Springs School on the way home.

Next week they give a guest performance for the Grad School Teacher ceremony, then on September 15 will take part in Junior Jazz Jam. They will also play in October as part of the CHCH Labour Weekend Big Band Festival.

Jazz tour 1 Jazz tour 2 Jazz tour 3 Jazz tour 4 Jazz tour 5

Click here to see the whole photo album of the jazz tour



Choir has both the Voices Festival and the Schools’ Music Festival coming up. Choir parents are encouraged to check out the permissions on the choir page and reminded that choir music can be found on the backstage page for students to help students learn any music.

Voices Festival Aug 30

Music Festival area rehearsal Sept 14 and final performance Oct 28



This is next Thursday Aug 25th at the Horncastle arena. It will be a fun concert running from 7pm-8.15 and is just $5 on the door for audience to attend, so bring all your friends! You get to hear almost 1000 students (including 78 of our own) playing ukuleles, marimbas and recorders accompanied by a professional rhythm section band.


Our rock bands are getting ready for BandQuest on Sept 2nd.




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