Bandquest Congratulations

Written by ChissyMusic

Congratulations to all the bands who performed at Bandquest last Thursday and to our winning band ClassDisruption plus our 5 students with special awards!

Bandquest is an event for primary school rockbands up to year 8. It runs through out NewZealand and is in it’s 7th year. Bands get to play one song during the “heats-soundcheck” which is followed by tips and feedback from the judges. At the finals the bands get to play for up to 6 minutes either covers or originals.

This year Chisnallwood had 6 bands perform and they all sounded great! There were another 7 bands from around Canterbury on Thursday night, making a total of 13 bands on the night. 

Class Disruption’s performance was obviously on fire as during their set, the fire alarms went off, the building was evacuated and fire trucks arrived. despite all this, they achieved first place. They are now in the National Finals. Class Disruption also achieved 3rd recently at the Canterbury Regional finals of Rockquest.

Chisnallwood bands and awards at Bandquest:

Island Rhythms

Lanu Mulitalo

Tayjuan Tuiloma

Xavier Lam Sam

Cylas Siu

Te Wera Kerr-Pitama

Ashton Pullyblank

Am I Right?

Ella Pullyblank – best females vocal award

Lily Robertson

Lola Macleod-Watts

Izzy Bernstone

Negligent 5

La’Mon Fonoti – best male vocal award

Alex Noster

Otis Earl

Tylah Davidson

Reuben Kennedy

The Breaking Point

Sarah McCaffery – best original lyric award

Izabella Payne

Jsh Marray

Ryan Scammell

Leni Smith

Class Disruption – 1st place

Dylan Jonkers

Sho Woodhouse

Hiromu Crosado – best keyboardist award

Jacob Carey – killer guitarist award


Amelia Goomes

William Kao

Mason O’Brien

Aiden van der Kroon

By Judith Bell