Chisnallwood guitarists play with Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple!

Written by ChissyMusic

17 lucky Chisnallwood guitarists and bass players played Smoke on the Water with Glenn Hughes on Tuesday ahead of his evening performance in the Horncastle Arena. Check out the footage by Seven Sharp!

Our guitarists had lass than a day to make sure we had Smoke on the Water nailed in the correct key, and were ready to play with Glenn Hughes! 

With many members of our rock bands there as well, including Class Disruption, it was inspiring to see such a legendary performer performing a hit song so many years after it being written. 

We also spent some time looking at the song’s story of when the Montreux Casino burnt down.

Students brought guitars and even a Glenn Hughes autobiography to be signed so there were a lot of memories taken away! Glenn ended up playing our red school guitar, which he signed, so we now have a very special guitar at school!

He was very friendly and kind to the students and sounded awesome singing in the unplugged setting.

Below are two videos from Seven Sharp

By Judith Bell