Chissy Music’s Metal Workshop with Stuart Henley-Michington

Written by Pieta Hextall

On Monday, May 27th, Chissy Music was electrified by the presence of none other than Stuart Henley-Michington, a distinguished ex-Chissy student who has made waves in the global metal scene. Ranked as the 4th best metal guitarist and recognized for having the best album by a highly rated European metal blog, Stuart brought his immense talent and experience back to his alma mater in an unforgettable workshop.

Stuart, who currently works at the Rockshop between his international tours, is not just a phenomenal musician but also a mentor. He regularly tunes our guitars and guides our young musicians for Bandquest (and later on Rockquest), demonstrating his commitment to nurturing the next generation of rock stars.

During his visit, Stuart shared his expert techniques in both metal drumming and guitar playing. Our students were treated to a masterclass in metal music, witnessing firsthand the intricate skills that have earned Stuart his prestigious accolades. The workshop was not just a demonstration; it was an interactive experience. Several students had the opportunity to showcase their own skills, receiving invaluable feedback from a true professional.

The event was a resounding success, leaving our budding musicians inspired and eager to refine their craft. Chissy Music extends its heartfelt thanks to Stu and of course to Owen Michington for organising! Rock on!

By Pieta Hextall