Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival

Written by ChissyMusic

Representative Choir and Group audition applications close: last day of Term 1, Friday 12 April

If you are an experienced instrumentalist or singer who would like to try out for a place in the auditioned senior choir, orchestra or concert band (a concert band is made up of woodwind, brass and percussion) please jump on and fill in the application before the end of term.

All the information is there in terms of commitment and what is required for auditions and you can also ask Mrs Bell or Miss Mowbray for assistance. 

Auditions run between 20th May and 2nd June. There is a compulsory Spring holiday course and you need to be at all the performances from 5-8 November.

Our Chisnallwood school choir will perform on one of those evenings.

We will run practice auditions for all students trying out for a place in the representative choir after choir on Mondays.

By Judith Bell