ChisnallwoodMusic – Computer Music

Written by ChissyMusic


Software available:
•Sibelius 7 (Notation)
•Musition 4 (Theory)
•Auralia 4 (Ear training)
•Groovy City (theory and creating)
•SuperDuperMusicLooper (loops and recording)
•SongSmith (record and Songsmith creates backing)
•Garage Band (mac only – loops, recording, midi, editing)
•Mixcraft 6 (windows only – loops, recording, midi, editing)
•Audacity (recording, editing)
•Band in a Box (backing tracks)
•Transcribe (slow down music for transcribing)
Check out the USEFUL MUSIC WEB LINKS page (and also the music theory club page) for online music sites! Some examples of these sites are below, as well as some student computer music project examples.

And here is one of William’s pieces:

Here is Molly’s composition called “Lonely Jungle”.
This was done at Leisure Ed using mixcraft.
It creates a lot of atmosphere.

Below is Matthew Marshall’s piece called “We wew wew wew”.
It is a good example of what can be achieved using four tracks only. Check out the how Matthew leads into new sections of music as well as ways he has created interesting variety in texture.

Below is an example of a composition by Rochelle made at Leisure Ed using Super Duper Music Looper.
It is a good example of a piece in “ternary form”. It has loops in common in the first and last section and a contrasting middle section! It also has great use of drum fills leading into new sections.

Below is a screen shot of the first section of the piece.


Computers and Music learning 2012.pdfBroadUsesAndTaskIdeas.pdfEvaluation.pdf


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