Festival Final Update

Written by ChissyMusic


Bus leaves at 8.45am from Chisnallwood for the Horncastle Arena.
Choir rehearses at the CBS Arena 9.45am – 12.15pm.
We will return to school on the bus by 1pm. Judith Bell and myself will be accompanying the students to this rehearsal.

Sorry, but the children are not allowed to take food to the Horncastle Arena on the morning of their rehearsal so they will need to have a substantial breakfast on that morning. Wear normal school uniform for the day.

On the night! Just to be very clear before we even get there…
Wear your most tidy uniform and cleanest, whitest top.
School choir members need to be at the Arena BY 6.30pm. Allowance needs to be made for traffic issues close to the Arena. Better to be a little early than late. All school choir children are to enter through the main doors of the Horncastle Arena, and go via Door 1 to the area back-stage which will be designated at the morning rehearsal. No parents other than supervisors (Nick Richardson & Michelle Ritchie) will be admitted to this area.

In the Waiting Area: Your school name will be on a notice attached to wall where your school is to assemble. Children are to be supervised at ALL TIMES. They are to wait quietly in their area until called for to enter the Arena, and then to proceed to their places in an orderly line.

Food: NO CHILD is allowed to leave the area to visit the Main Foyer. The children will need to be toileted BEFORE they enter the Arena.

Clothing: Jackets and sweatshirts should be left with parents as the children become overheated when performing under lights. It is preferable that watches and shiny jewellery are not worn as this sparkles in the lights and causes distraction to the audience.

Sweets: No child is to bring sweets, food or drinks unless needed because of medical reasons.

Interval: The children DO NOT come out at the half-time interval and the parents ARE NOT ALLOWED into their performance area during interval. Ice creams and other treats which parents may want to bring should be saved until after the performance has finished. Choirs must remain in the seats at the half-time interval. With over 1400 performers at each performance, we just do not have the time to allow such a sized group to leave the auditorium…or else we will still be performing at 11.00pm!!

At the conclusion of the Performance: Choir teachers should make their own arrangements with their children and parents as to where they will meet at the conclusion of the performance. We will discuss this with the students at Friday morning rehearsal in the arena.

Meals: As the children will be in the CBS Arena from approximately 6.45pm to 9.15pm we suggest they have a sensible meal before the show (preferably not fast food) and a small amount to drink.

Further info about the day and about upcoming concerts is on http://chisnallwoodmusic.org.nz/choirbackstage/