Hamish Smith accepted into the JM World Jazz orchestra. 

Written by ChissyMusic

Congratulations to ex-Chisnallwood student Hamish Smith who has made it into the JM WOLRLD JAZZ ORCHESTRA on double bass! Check out his Boosted Page to support him get there.


Here’s what Hamish says:

The JM Jazz World Orchestra (JMJWO) is Jeunesses Musicales International’s premier international jazz ensemble, which annually brings together 18 of the world’s top young professional jazz musicians to form an amazing big band. Aiming at the highest artistic level, young musicians from all around the world are selected through an open global audition by a professional jury.
“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a necessity for me – like food or water.” – Ray Charles. If I had to pick one statement to summarise myself, this would be it. My name is Hamish Smith, I am 19 years old, and have recently graduated from Burnside High School in Christchurch, New Zealand. I have been playing music for almost ten years and my passion has continued to develop, leading to many successes at competitions, placement in programs and national ensembles, as well as gaining scholarships.
This year, the JM Jazz World Orchestra tour begins with a high-intensity, four-day session of rehearsals and workshops at the JMI World Meeting Centre in Grožnjan, Croatia, from the 1st of July. This is followed by a concert tour, performing at various European jazz festivals and venues in Croatia, Italy and Slovenia!
Luis Bonilla (USA) has been selected once again to be the director of the band; Bonilla, a Costa Rican trombonist, composer and arranger, is one of the top jazz musicians in New York City. Furthermore 2017 is a very special year to be in the band, as we have the distinct honour of being able to perform with Grammy Award-winning Afro-Cuban jazz pianist and composer, Gonzalo Rubalcaba.
I have to meet the cost of my return airfare to Croatia. This is not a cheap destination to get to, it also being in peak summer season, and my flights are costing just over $3000.
The opportunity to play in the JM Jazz World Orchestra presents a unique experience in terms of personal relations building, intercultural learning and exchange. I believe it is a great step as a young musician, to one day becoming a professional musician. I invite you to assist me on this amazing journey through Europe!


Here is the International line up:

Saxophone Section
Alto: Daniel Buch (DE)
Alto: Claire Devlin (CA)
Tenor: Ori Jacobson (DE)
Tenor: Adalberto Pérez (MX)
Baritone: Lauren Wood (US)

Trombone Section
Trombone: William Duffy (US)
Trombone: Beserat Tafesse (ET/US)
Trombone: Armando Vergara (CU/US)
Bass Trombone: Jan Landowski (DE)

Trumpet Section
Trumpet: Fareed Simpson Hankins (US)
Trumpet: Valdemar Kušan (HR)
Trumpet: Jonas Ingemann Due Steffensen (DE)

Trumpet: Pilvi Kokkonen (FI)

Rhythm Section

Guitar: Rokas Jackūnas (LT)
Piano: Joseph Omar Rivera Sanchez (PR)
Bass: Hamish Smith (NZ)
Drums: Kyon Williams (US)
Percussion: Enrique Serrano (PR)

By Judith Bell