Jazz and Irish Bands at NZEI Graduation 

Written by ChissyMusic

The jazz and Irish bands provided music for the NZEI Teachers’ Graduation ceremony on the day our school was closed.

On Monday, despite some members of our band having been evacuated from their homes during the night before’s tsunami warning and school being closed, the jazz and Irish bands went ahead and provided great music for the NZEI Teachers’ Graduation ceremony held at Burnside High’s Aurora Centre.

The jazz band accompanied the national anthem beautifully and gave two items during the ceremony. Following the ceremony, our jazz band, Irish band, and jazz combo played background music for the graduating teachers’ celebrations for 40 minutes.

The bands played exceptionally well, and had a good time making music together.

Thank you to our amazing parents for your wonderful support; and to Mr Fields, Tim Bell and Chris Petch (Burnside High) who helped with gear we needed.

By Judith Bell