Jazz Band Tour 2011

Written by ChissyMusic


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Please note that the schedules have been updated Aug 18th 2011

jazz tour details 2.pdf


Directions to the NZSM Jazz Festival.pdf
ITINERARY DETAILS Updated 18 August!!! Plan D

The planned departure on Wed 17th has had to be postponed. This decision was made on the advice of police and road patrol workers. We are hoping to leave on Thursday.

Thursday August 18th (weather dependant)

  • 9am jazz run through
  • 10am final instructions and report from road patrol and police
  • Depart from Chisnallwood at 11am
  • 4.30pm/5pm Interislander ferry crossing
  • arr Wellington approx 8.30pm
    • To stay at Bucket Tree Lodge: Mr Paton, Pip, Josh. Billeted: Mr and Mrs Bell, Mrs Jones
    • Staying outside Tawa: Mrs Roche and Jackson (with relatives), Ella’s family staying in Wellington

Friday August 19th

  • NZSM Jazz Festival all day
  • 8.30am meet at Tawa Intermediate School
  • 9am Leave Tawa
  • (10am some may attend an NZSO concert at Te Papa TBC – those students will miss the start of the BHS combo performance)
  • 11:00 Burnside High combo (we will be supporters)
  • 11:30 Summary / workshop session 1
  • 12noon WORKSHOP/ Concert with Alex Sipiagin, Bob Sheppard, Steve Houghton featuring the winner of the improvisation contest
  • 1-2pm Mrs Bell at band director’s workshop – students to have lunch in groups
  • Groups either watch bands or have some free time until 3.15pm. Must stay in groups
  • 3:30 Burnside High big band performs (we will be supporters)
  • 4:30 Summary / workshop session 2
  • Lunch (packed lunch from billet) and dinner in town
  • 7.30pm – 8.30pm Gala Concert (first half only)
  • 9pm dropped at billet families or meet them at Tawa College

Saturday Aug 20th

  • NZSM Jazz Festival all day
  • 8.30am depart Tawa for the day
  • 9.30am Chisnallwood Big band warmup
  • 10am Chisnallwood Big Band performs
  • 10.30am Chisnallwood Big Band clinic
  • 11-11.30
  • 11:30 Summary / workshop session 3
  • 12:00 LUNCH (quick)
  • 12.30pm Chisnallwood Combo warmup
  • 1pm Chisnallwood Combo performs
  • 1.30pm Chisnallwood Clinic
  • 2-4pm stay in groups
  • 4:00 Summary / workshop session 4
  • 4:30 NZSM combo entertainment during judges decisions
  • 5pm-5.30pm award ceremony
  • 6.15pm back at Tawa Intermediate to be collected by billet families
  • evening free – early night and packing to leave

Sunday Aug 21st

  • 9am leave Tawa Intermediate for Te Papa Museum
  • 1.40pm arrive for 2.40pm sailing InterIslander Ferry crossing to Picton
  • 6pm arrive Picton then drive to Havelock
  • Tea in Havelock
  • Stay at Havelock Garden Motels (girls) and Rutherford Youth Hostel (boys)

Monday Aug 22nd

  • 8.30am set up at Havelock School
  • 9.15am-10am performance at Havelock School
  • drive to Blenheim
  • 11am set up at Bohally Intermediate in Blenheim
  • 11.45am performance at a Bohally Intermediate School
  • 12.30pm lunch
  • 1.30pm leave for ChCh
  • 7pm arrive at Chisnallwood Intermediate

What to bring:

  • Sleeping bag if possible. OK to bring pillow
  • One main bag only, plus a small day bag/pack
  • Instrument (wind and brass and guitars only) – keyboard and drums will be in the van already.
  • Your music (the blue folders will be in the van as backup). Also orchestra music.
  • Gift for billet families (Tawa)
  • Packed LUNCH for first day
  • Spending money is optional
  • towel

What to wear:

  • Travel on Thursday and Sun – wear comfortable school track pants and school sports jacket. These will be supplied. Wear mufti top, sensible shoes and socks.
  • Performances will be in dress black trousers and black music T-shirt (T-shirt supplied), black socks and black shoes. If it is cold you may wear a dark plain long sleeved top under your uniform black top.

Thanks to fundraising efforts and grants, the cost to students will be $50 each.
This is payable to the school office and due by August 5th.
The $50 covers NZSM festival fees, ferry, petrol, accommodation at Havelock, and Capital E.
It does not cover the billet’s gift, your black dress trousers or spending money.

Here is a full list of adults who will be travelling with and driving the group:
Mr Paton (ChCh-Wllgtn), Mrs Bell, Mr Bell, Mrs Jones, Amanda Saville (Josh’s mum), Pip (Josh’s aunty), Penny Roche (Jackson’s mum), Ella’s parents (Wllgtn-ChCh).
Many thanks for your willingness to help – we really appreciate it!

These are the new groups students will remain in while out and about
Penny: Jackson, Finn, Justin, Lorne, Josh, Josh
Katherine: Gemma, Christina, Emma, Mahlia
Pip: Caitlyn, Gabby, Cheena, Alice
Mrs Bell: Jordan, Liam, Sean, Hamish, Matt
Leonard and Jane: Ella, Teresa, Kendal, Jessica

There are the special responsibilities students (and parents) will have when we perform:
Stands and banners – Kendal, Teresa, Caitlyn, Gabby, Pip
Mic setup – Ella, Lorne
Keyboard setup – Justin, Mr Bell
Drum set up – Jackson, Finn, Mrs Roche
Guitar and bass amps – Matt and Hamish
Chairs – Jordan, Mrs Jones
Unloading and loading vans – all students
PA set up – Mr Bell
All jobs need to be done quickly and quietly. There will be six full set ups and 2 partial set ups.
If any student’s behaviour is deemed inappropriate they will be sent immediately back to Christchurch at their own expense.
Mrs Bell

cancelled days:
Thursday August 18th

  • 8am Mr Bell’s van leaves to set up large gear.
  • 8.30am students leave Tawa Int for Redwood
  • 9.15am morning Performance at a local school eg Redwood Primary
  • Workshop at Tawa Intermediate 11am-12.15p. Fat Cat and Oompa Loompa. Maybe Cantaloupe Island also.
  • 2pm Performance at Tawa Intermediate School
  • 4pm – 6.30pm Capital E E-Box TV Studio where we will be filming the jazz band live! This programme will go online that night so parents will be able to check it out at http://blip.tv/ontvstudio
  • 6.40pm Subway at Manners mall
  • 7.30pm Arrive Tawa Int