June 15 music update

Written by ChissyMusic

We are Aotearoa prize

Congratulations to Chisnallwood on winning one of the 5 national prizes for our video upload of our performance of “We Are Aotearoa”! Well done to all the performers and thanks to Charlotte Crone from Orange Studio for editing the phone videos together. 

HLS 2016 We are Aotearoa Chisnallwood Intermediate and Avondale Primary

Calling all our violin and cello players for Fviolinriday

We are very lucky to have string-expert Sandra Logan from Wellington visiting Chisnallwood this Friday. She will run a session with all our violin and cello players in block one and then work with our orchestral string players at lunchtime and block 5 as part of orchestra! 

Some upcoming music dates:

July 1 music performances for visiting local schools

July 1 Pasifica Beats

August 3 Open Night

August 5/7 possible Jazzquest (if space available)

August 25 Strum Strike and Blow (Ukuleles, recorders and marimbas)

August 29-31 Voices Festival

August 29-Sept 2 Cultural Festival

September 2 Bandquest

Sept 14 Junior Jazz Jam