March Music update (week 5)

Written by ChissyMusic

On Sunday March 1st the Chisnallwood Irish band, Jazz Band and “Better Than Bacon” were able to perform at the 2015 Streets’ Children’s Day in windy Wigram. Before that a Chisnallwood acoustic trio performed for locals, 4 politicians and Jo Seagar at the local community fun day.

Applications are open for any advancing students who wish to audition for the ChCh Primary Schools’ Music Festival representative groups – Senior Special Choir, Concert Band or Orchestra.
You can find the application at but students must get the school code in person from Mrs Bell first.

NZSO Concert
Tuesday March 10th, Horncastle Arena, 7pm
NZSO with British piano star Freddy Kempf
Egmont Overture
Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor
Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major ‘Emperor’
Concert duration: 1 hr 30 (including interval)
Special deal – student tickets for $10 – please let Mrs Bell know if you want special tickets by this weekend.

CSO Ambassadors
Congratulations to our two new 2015 Christchurch Symphony Orchestra Ambassadors for Chisnallwood; Aya McLarty and Alice Crighton.

All music students and participants in music groups – remember to keep an eye on

Most groups are underway, with recorder and marimba due to start next week (8am rehearsals) , and rock bands announced over the next week. New members may join the orchestra, ukulele or choir at any time.

New sound tech applicants will hear back later this term when teacher assessments are done. Successful applicants will get an invitation letter to the training day in the holidays.
Other holiday events in the second week of the holidays will be an extra rehearsal/workshop for rock and jazz bands.

Remember to let your itinerant music teacher know if you can’t make a lesson.

Remember to practice up whatever you were given to work on! Even if you can’t get to your instrument on a particular day, you’d be amazed how even just thinking, reading and fingering through your work can advance your playing! Also remember that there is often a music room at school you can practice in before or after school if you need it.
Some more tips on practice:
Practice slowly and correctly.
Chunking – Spend time practicing the bits you need to work on rather than the whole piece.
Have a practice within 24 hours after your lesson so you remember what you need to practice for the week!

Coming Up:

Tuesday March 17 – St Patrick’s Day – Irish Band performance at South City Mall around 1.30pm