NZ Music Month

Written by ChissyMusic

Check out the video of Aroha I Aotearoa and other NZ Music updates!

NZ Music Month is always a wonderful celebration of NZ music.

Hook line and Songalong

At Chisnallwood classes learnt the winning Hook Line and Singalong Song Aroha I Aotearoa by Anna Feillett and have made a showcase video.

Congratulations to Water House who won the video competition with their creative and well sung submission!

Our NZ sing out at Tūranga was unfortunately cancelled due to the Canterbury floods, but the choir sung at our amazing NZ Music Month Chissy Champ assembly! 

By Judith Bell


Meanwhile many ex-Chisnallwood students competed in Rockquest with original songs. It is exciting to see extraordinary ex-Chisnallwood success with the top 2 bands from Canterbury Finals 2 (Single Malt from Shiirley Boys 1st place and 3D Howls from Burnside High 2nd place) both made up of nearly all ex-Chissy students! As well as that Loud Division (Shirley Boys and all ex-Chissy) won best song! Congratulations to those students! 

Single Malt: Jed Rimmer, Ryan Diggs, Javaan Gribben, Robin McGregor.
3D Howls: Dylan Jonkers, Daniel Sinclair, Hiromu Crosado, William Kao, Lena Krakowiak, Sam Kennedy
Loud Division: Mikaere Walker, Yuito Crosdao, Corbin Scammell, Bayden Leka, Mason Matthews.