Order your Chisnallwood CDs or music calendar here!

Written by ChissyMusic

Fantastic 2017 Music Calendars with Aurasma links, and sets of Chissy 2017 music CDs – order now for Christmas!

You can simply click the link here and fill in the form!


Just fill out this form, click the submit button at the bottom and pop your money in a named envelope and leave it at the school office, then we will get you a copies of the Chisnallwood CDs and/or calendar. 

The cost for the CDs is just $15 for the 3 CD set! Or if you only want one kind of CD, it is $5 per CD.

The CDs are:

1. Compilation CD featuring orchestra, choir, marimbas and ukuleles and Irish band.

2. Jazz CD featuring both the Big Band and the Jazz Combo

3. Rock CD featuring 6 rockbands

Calendar $25 with music photos and memories to last the year. Some pictures will have Aurasma links too to help the photos come to life!

By Judith Bell