Pieces you need to know

Written by ChissyMusic

4th Sept and 8th Sept Horncastle Arena and Aurora Centre

Thursday permission

Monday Permission form

“Best Day of my life” (mainly D and G) and “Siyahamba”both by memory!

“SIYAHAMBA” chords:

G G D G, G G D G

C G D G, C G D G

Babethandaza: D AD, D AD, G D A D, G D A D

Download strum patterns here:Ukulele strums (right click to download)


Strum Strike Blow Sept 24 –  Horncastle Arena

You can check the music and recordings here if you know the password: http://strumstrikeblow.org/ukulele/

Kiwi Alphabet

Best Day of my life



For Today


Massed pieces with marimbas and recorders….


Mac The Knife

Hine E Hine

Money Money Money

Also add to Marimba “Rocking Dogs” section 2 and 3: C C Am Am (2x) Dm G Dm G (2x)


KIWILELE FESTIVAL in Auckland term 4

You have the book and CD to learn these