Written by ChissyMusic

Congratulations to Chisnallwood’sLoud Division and Pepper Hall – and all our rocking ex-students!

2020 Rockquest was different this year, with all entries being filmed and submitted rather than live performances. Bands and soloists had a 7 minute maximum to share original songs.

Chisnallwood had entries by Loud Division (band section) and Pepper Hall (solo section).

Pepper’s video is below.

Well done to those students!!

Loud Division was then due to play live on What Now before Level 2 hit, so this has been moved to OCTOBER 4th (in the holidays).

Ex-student rock success

We would also like to congratulate the following Chisnallwood ex-students on their recent Rockquest successes!

APRA Lyric Award – Ricochet for Diving off the Earth (Avonside Girl High School and Shirley Boys’ High School) – all ex-Chisnallwood

2nd place band – 3D Howls (Burnside High School) 7 ex-Chisnallwood

Rockshop Electronic Assist Award, 2nd place solo/duo and Overall top 10 in NZ – – KEI (Burnside High School) Kiera Jonkers

2nd place band – Motion Project Papanui High School – (Nico and Jai Tudor-Oakley)

I’m sure there are others I’m not aware of, but congratulations to all these students we know of!!

By Judith Bell