Written by ChissyMusic

Come and support our school bands this Saturday June 9th between 11am-1pm playing their original songs at Rockquest.


Date: Saturday June 9th

Venue: St Margaret’s School, Charles Luney Auditorium, Andover Street or 12 Winchester Street.

Time: 11am-1pm (approx) – band members please arrive at 10.40am to check in

Cost: $10 at the door. No cost for band members, teachers and children 5yrs and under.

Chissy Bands: 
Broken Elbow, Act our Age, Richochet, E Sharp, Radio Wreckers, Class Disruption

We also have a family rock night on Friday June 8th from 6-7pm in the music room for the Chissy bands and their families.

The bands:

E Sharp

Lucas Smith, Daniel Sinclair, William Kao, Amelia Goomes

Act our Age

Jack Dunnett, Adam Marriot

Radio Wreckers

Niko Tudor-Oakley, Ronan McKersey, Sam McGregor, Caleb Moore, Lincoln Penei, Kiera Kennedy-Johns,  Caley Van Der Kroon


Josh Murray, Fraser Hendry, Ryan Scammell, Leni Smith, Izzy Payne

Broken Elbow

Luca Gilroy, Rory Wood, Josh Wedlake, Nixon Delaney, Matthew Seinafo, Sarah McCaffery

Class Disruption

Jacob Carey, Hiromu Crosado, Dylan Jonkers (BHS), Sho Woodhouse (BHS)

By Judith Bell