ROCKQUEST this Saturday

Written by ChissyMusic

Come and support six Chisnallwood Bands on Saturday as well as ex-Chissy bands in the same heat!

Click here for full details of the event.

Our bands:

Am I Right? Ella Pullyblank, Lily Robertson, Lola MacleodWatts

Island Rhythms : Xavier Puaavase, Tayjuan Faataape Tuiloma, Lanuola Mulitalo, Te Wera Kerr-Pitama, Ashton Pullyblank

Negligent 5: Alex Noster, LaMon Fonati, Otis Earl, Tylah Davidson, Reuben Kennedy

The Breaking Point : Sarah McCaffery, Ryan Scammell, Joshua Murray, Izzy  Payne, Leni Smith

Class Disruption : Dylan Jonkers, Hiromu Crosado, Sho Woodhouse, Jacob Carey

Soundwaves : Adam Marriot, Amelia Goomes, Aiden van der Kroon, Mason O’Brien, William Kao

Ex-Chissy bands: Better than Bacon and Broken Jandal


Venue: Aurora Centre, Burnside High, Corner of Greers Road and Memorial Avenue

Time: 12 – 2pm for heat one with our bands. There are two other heats after this.

Cost: $10 audience members. Free for under 5s and band members.

All bands have needed to write an original song for this competition. 

Original Lyrics: All students are encouraged to bring a copy of their original lyrics on the day if they want to enter the lyric writing part of the competition. 

By Judith Bell