Term Four Music Dates

Written by ChissyMusic

Grab your diary and and note these exciting term four music happenings….

Oct 7 – Irish at Tūranga 3pm

Week 1

Oct 17 Westburn Jazz visit our jazz band

Week 2

Oct 21 Jazz/Irish – Pegusus Ladies Group performance 10am

Oct 24 1pm-1.30pm Kids in Town (Tūranga)

Oct 24 2pm-5pm Junior Jazz Jam (Tūranga)

Oct 26 Jazz workshops (Big Band Fest)

Oct 28 Jazz perform in Victoria Square 11.30am

Week 3

Oct 30 North Loburn Band visit

Week 4

Nov 5 Jazz and Irish at Honour Roll dinner 6pm

Nov 7 Schools’ Music Festival (Choir) Town Hall

Week 5

Nov 13 CSO concert – percussionists

Nov 13 Waiata ki te wai

Week 6

Nov 18 3-5pm Chissy Rocks @ Little Andromeda

Nov 18 Itinerant Night 1* 7pm

Nov 20 Jazz/Irish @ Alpine View 1.30pm

Nov 21 12.30-1.30pm Music groups: Orchestra, Irish and Pasfika Girls perform at Tūranga

Week 7

Nov 25 Itinerant Night 2* 6.30pm

Nov 26 Itinerant Night 3* 6.30pm

Nov 30 6-7pm Jazz and Irish @ Ethical Market

Week 8

Talent Quest

Dec 2 Jazz and Irish @ NZEI Graduating and Retiring Teachers ceremony 4pm-7pm

Dec 8 Christmas Parade (Jazz Band) 2pm

Dec 8 Re-Percussion Concert @ Cashmere High 7pm (Marimba group)

Week 9

Prizegivings – choir, orchestra, jazz

Dec 14 New Brighton Christmas Parade 10am

Week 10

Dec 19 Christmas music at Tūranga TBC 12.35pm

*Note the itinerant nights are for all students learning musical instruments or voice at school. It’s a chance to perform something you have been working on with your teacher either as a solo or in a group to s small friendly audience. It’s a chance for parents to meet the teachers.  Each night has different instruments performing in simultaneous short concerts in different rooms followed by a short prizegiving.

By Judith Bell