Term Three Music Dates (updated)

Written by ChissyMusic

Pop these music dates in your calendar for term 3!

Friday July 27 1.10pm UC lunchtime concert series featuring musicians from Chisnallwood (Arts Centre campus).

Saturday 3pm Ricochet band at Flipout

Sunday 4pm Class Disruption and Jandal Smack

Tuesday July 31 Class Disruption and Better than Bacon gig @ Garden of Sound: Live 7:00 PM Lyttelton Records Shop.cafe.bar, 650 Ferry Road

Saturday August 4th 1pm JAZZQUEST – Big Band competition @ ARA Music Arts, 130 High Street

Wed 15 August VOICES FESTIVAL @ Papa Hou @ YMCA, Hereford Street, Christchurch 7pm (and 4pm sound check)

Thursday 16th August Taster Day 1 performances for year 6s – afternoon

Wednesday 22nd August  BandQuest at St Margaret’s College Charles Luney Auditorium

Monday August 27th 2.30pm Posh Afternoon Tea for U3A (Irish and Jazz) – (note new date)

Tuesday August 28th Taster Day 2 performances for year 6s

Wednesday August 29th Strum Strike and Blow Festival @ Horncastle Arena 7pm with rehearsal during the day

Friday August 31st CSO visitors at Orchestra.

Monday  Sept 3 Cultural Fest rehearsal (Irish, Orchestra, RTK and Pasifica) – afternoon

Tuesday Sep 4th Cultural Festival 6.45pm Horncastle Arena (Irish, Orchestra, RTK and Pasifica)

Wednesday Sep 12th 12.15-2.15 Choir Area Rehearsal at Shirley Boys High for the October Music Festival

Sunday Sept 16 Orchestra Festival

Monday Sept 17 12/30-1pm Irish at Bus Exchange

Thursday 20 Sept Music Scholarship Auditions (yr 6s)

Week 9 Production rehearsals

Week 10 School Production!


A couple of TERM 4 dates…

Tuesday Oct 16 Retirement jazz TBC

Thursday Oct 18 12-1 Kids in Town

Thursday Oct 18 Junior Jazz Jam 4-6pm @ Central library

Labour Weekend 20-22 Oct Big Band Festival

Oct 26 – Music Festival (Choir)

By Judith Bell