Term Two Music lessons

Written by ChissyMusic

We would love to know how you are going, and whether you are keen for lessons to resume for your child this term.

We are expecting in most cases lessons will resume. Our music teachers are all geared up and looking forward to seeing their students and excited to teach a few lessons online until school goes back.
But we know that situations have changed for many people, so please do let us know either way by filling in this quick form…. (below)

We are planning to keep to the timetable if we can because it has been worked around suitable times in the school timetable. But changes may be worked out as needed. This will be done by the itinerant music teacher with you and/or music admin plus the classroom teacher if needed. Communication is key.

Please read these guidelines for on-line music lessons and fill in this form

Guidelines for on-line Itinerant Lessons

To Students:

  • Please make sure you are dressed and wearing something appropriate.
  • Be on time (actually arrive on Zoom 5 min early) and have instruments, music and pencil out and ready. You’ll hopefully be able to be in the Zoom waiting room until your teacher lets you in. Your teacher will know you are there ready…
  • Be tuned before the lesson if you can. Perhaps you need to access a tuner app on your phone, or online.
  • If possible, be in a shared room like a lounge or dining room if it’s not too noisy. If you are in your bedroom because that’s where your instrument is, please leave your door open. 
  • Lessons may be recorded by the teacher.
  • Piano students please set up your camera so your teacher can see the keys.
  • Let your classroom teacher and music teacher know about your music lesson if it happens to coincide with a planned classroom Google Hangout.

To Parents

Payments – It is the music department policy to require the previous term to be paid before taking lessons the following term. Please check if you have paid term one. If there are now financial barriers due to changed circumstances, but your student is still keen to learn and practise, please let us know!

Thank you for your support throughout the lessons and practice times.