Upcoming Music dates

Written by Judith Bell

Updated on May 12th…..

May 8th Sound tech training (invites to go out soon)

May 12th Burnside High Roadshow (morning)

May 15th Rockquest

May 29th Papanui High School Roadshow

May 26 Footloose performance at SBHS/AGHS

May 27th and 28th – Jazz performances for a teacher conference (at Chisnallwood) Jazz band

May 28 Chissy Champ NZ Music Month assembly Choir, ukuleles, rock

May 31st NZ Music Month  – Choir, ukuleles, Irish at Tūranga 1pm (and Festival auditions after school)

June 2nd – NZ Music Month Chissy Champ assembly

June 9 Kaboom Percussion performance at Chisnallwood

June 16 Strum Strike Blow Festival (Christchurch Arena) – Ukuleles, marimbas and recorders

21-25 June JazzQuest combos at ARA – jazz combo

28 June – 2 July Voices Festival at the Piano – choir 

7th July – Open Night – most music groups!


July 25 – Jazz rehearsal

Term three

31 July – Aug 1 JazzQuest ensembles at ARA  jazz band

Sunday August 15th Orchestra Big Play Day at the Town Hall

23-25 August Bandquest rock bands

School Production


Band Camp at Hamner Oct 13-14 Jazz

Term Four

Oct 21-25 Junior Jazz Jam and Big Band Festival jazz band

Nov 2-5 Music Festival Choir and representative groups

By Judith Bell