Voices Festival

Written by ChissyMusic

Congratulations to the Chisnallwood Choir on an excellent performance last night

The Chisnallwood Choir was honoured to be part of the Voices Festival last night amongst lots of high school groups. 

It was a vibrant evening and also great to see so many ex-Chisnallwood students singing in high school pops choirs.

The judges were Julian and Mahlia Hay from Voices Co and we were treated to guest performancesVoices Co as well as the ChCh Pops Choir.

The evening finished with awards being read out and a high energy massed item!

Congratulations to the Chisnallwood Choir on receiving an award for outstanding band arrangement (a reflection of Dylan Jonkers on bass, Oscar Fischer on drums and our harmonisers Grace Bevin, Sarah McCaffery and Izzy Payne). Well done!

By Judith Bell