Week 4 term 4

Written by ChissyMusic

Tonight you can hear our school Irish band, Jazz band, Catch Phrase and Cosmic Latte at the New Brighton Fireworks from 6pm -7.20pm by Salt the Cafe by the pier. They are part of the pre-entertainment for the fireworks at 9.15pm which will be done with a Back to The Future Theme!

Saturday Nov 7 is our school live recorded rock night at Orange Studio, 1963 Ferry Road.
This will feature all our rock bands and starts at 7pm.
All ticket money goes to pay recording sound engineers.
Tickets available from http://orangestudio.co.nz/show/chissy-rock-night-2015/
The orchestra, choir, jazz, Irish and ukuleles will perform for visiting year 6 students at school on Monday Nov 9th at 11am.
If you are learning music at school, please make sure you have filed in the itinerant Night performance form at https://chisnallwoodmusic.org.nz/itinerant-nights-2015/

Music Exams
Congratulations to the following students who achieved merit in their Trinity College flute exams under the teaching of Janet Simon: Sarah Powley Grade 4, Anabel Bramley grade 3.
Best wishes to out students sitting theory exams on Saturday morning.

Congratulations to all involved in last week’s Primary Schools’ Music Festival. The choir sang well and was a credit to Chisnallwood, and it was great to see Nic Ryan, Olivia Welsh, Mana Rae and Aya McLarty in special groups. Special mention to Nic who gave an excellent spoken introduction.

A number of our students were also commendably involved in out-of-school piano recitals over the weekend.