2021 Itinerant Nights

Written by Judith Bell

For all itinerant music students!

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Week 6

ITINERANT NIGHT 1 – Monday November 22 6-7pm Janet (Flute), Sue (Piano), Liz (Bagpipes), Liam (beatbox)

ITINERANT NIGHT 2 – Tuesday November 23rd 6-7pmJulie (Violin), Philippa (Cello), Greg (Brass), Jody (Sax and Clarinet) + 3 Pieta’s sax students

Week 7

ITINERANT NIGHT 3 – Monday 29 November 6-7pmMarnie (Piano) 6.30, Leroy (guitar)

ITINERANT NIGHT 4 -Wednesday 1 December 6-7pmJon (Drums), Amanda (vocal), Pieta (piano and keys)

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to have the experience performing and to share their progress with family in a small friendly setting. It is also a great opportunity for parents to meet the music teachers.