Term Four Music Dates!

Written by Judith Bell

Grab your calendar and check these music dates!


  • Festival representative groups week 1
  • Hanmer Jazz Band Camp 12th-14th Oct

Week One

  • Labour weekend Christchurch Big Band Festival (Thursday – Monday Oct 21-25) Jazz https://www.chchbigbandfest.com/plan-your-festival. Chisnallwood Jazz band will be performing an Early Childhood Show, Junior Jazz Jam, at Riverside Market and the Gardens.

Week 2

  • Friday 29th Bandquest videos due

Week 3

  • Choir at the Town Hall Music Festival Fri 4th Nov if level 1. Note: An update will be made and sent out about this on Oct 4th.

Week 4

Production rehearsals

Week 5

  • Production rehearsal Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th

  • PRODUCTION Nov 17, 18. Orchestra, choir, cast

Week 6

  • ITINERANT NIGHT 1 – Monday November 22 6-7pm Janet (Flute), Sue (Piano), Liz (Bagpipes), Liam (beatbox)
  • ITINERANT NIGHT 2 – Tuesday November 23rd 6-7pmJulie (Violin), Philippa (Cello), Greg (Brass), Jody (Sax and Clarinet) + 3 Pieta’s sax students
  • Alpine View Village – Thurs Nov 25th (1:30-2:30pm) Jazz, chamber and Irish

  • Ethical Christmas Market – Sat November 27th (6-7pm) Jazz

Week 7

  • ITINERANT NIGHT 3 – Monday 29 November 6-7pmMarnie (Piano) 6.30, Leroy (guitar)
  • ITINERANT NIGHT 4 -Wednesday 1 December 6-7pmJon (Drums), Amanda (vocal), Pieta (piano and keys)
  • Re-Percussion Sunday 5th December at 7pm (Marimba Group) at Cashmere High School

Week 8

  • Prizegiving performances all week Orchestra, jazz, choir

  • New Brighton Parade – Sat Dec 11th 10:30-11:30am Jazz if level 1

  • Santa’s Mega Grotto – either Dec 11 (after the New Brighton Parade) Jazz

Note – there are no NZEI graduation or Honour roll performances this year.

By Judith Bell