“Hooked In”

Written by ChissyMusic

Chisnallwood School production 2021!! Don’t miss out on your virtual tickets!

“Hooked In” written by Kate Scullion.

It features actors, dancers, choir, orchestra, sound and light techs, backstage hands, set designers, and costume designers all telling a great story you won’t want to miss.

Due to being unable to hold live performances for audiences other than current students, we are offering a choice of tickets online.

You can either purchase the premiere link to watch the show with your family online, or purchase a download link so you can store the video on your own device.

If it had been in person audience tickets would have been $10 adult and $5 child to go towards covering the costs of extra lighting, sound, props and costumes. We are now also wanting to cover the extra cost of creating a better quality video so the school whānau can enjoy the performance to the max on their home screens.

So we have options for

  • $10 video link that can be used repeatedly.
  • $15 download link
  • Donation – just because you may be able to help out, or perhaps you would have wanted to buy a whole family’s worth of tickets.

We will send you the links on the release date!

We are so excited to share the show with you!

Grab your tickets here!!

By Judith Bell