Almost at the end of term 3

Written by ChissyMusic


It’s been a busy term 3 with music with lots of fantastic performances and achievements.

Finishing off term 3 we have Junior Jazz Jam tonight as our last concert for the term. This will be held at CPIT and runs from 5-7.30pm featuring 7 primary school jazz bands. Details are at

Chisnallwood band Cosmic Latte shot some video at school last Friday as part of their BandQuest Finals. Here’s a link to their video:

Cosmic Latte at Chisnallwood

African Drum group runs 2 more Friday lunchtimes this term and costs $5 week. It is taken by Nicho Greig and registration is at this link:

Entries for the November Theory exam close tomorrow. If you are interested in sitting, please fill in the form at  Our final theory for term 3 will be tomorrow.

Term 4 music dates:
Oct 22 12-1 Kids in Town (Jazz Band)
Oct 24-26 ChCh Big Band Festival Jazz Band and Choir – performances and workshops
Nov 5 Rock lunchtime concert (rock bands)
Nov 6 Taster Day (music groups)
Nov 7 (morning) Theory Exam
Nov 7 Rock Night @ Orange (Live concert recording of our rock bands)
Nov 23 NB Probus (Jazz and Irish)
Nov 25 Itinerant Night 1
Nov 26 Itinerant Night 2
Nov 28 Kiwilele trip to Auckland
Dec 1 Itinerant Night 3
Dec 6 City Santa Parade (Jazz)
Dec 11 Assembly  (Orchestra, Jazz and Choir)
Dec 12 New Brighton santa Parade (Jazz)
Dec 13 3pm Christmas Choir Concert
Dec 13 RePercussion Concert @ Cashmere High
Dec 15 Prizegiving (Orchestra, Jazz and Choir)