ChisnallwoodMusic – Hook Line and Sing-along

Written by Judith Bell


Chisnallwood and Avondale sing paradise:

Hook_Line_Singalong_2013_Single_Pages_Layout_1.pdf1-Collages10.jpg’s the video montage with other Chisnallwood and lots of other schools as well who all sang Paradise as part of Hook Line and Singalong!…..


Jeff Fulton with the 2012 Hook Line and Sing-along

21 degrees chords and lyrics.pdf



Water House sings

Click this link to view an album of photos and videos of the day!

Here is Fire House singing “Things to remember” May 31st 2011 (without Ed sydicate)

This is the video Mr Bett’s class made because they couldn’t be at the Sing-off at 12noon because they were at technology.

Earth Sings – unfortunately the video gets cut before the end… but you can get the idea of it!

Water sings…

Here is the song all the school sang on May 31st at 12noon with the rest of NZ as part of NZ Music Month!!

Here is the music and lyrics…
Things to Remember Huarahi Tika final .pdf
Here is a 1 page lyrics version
Things to remember Lyrics.pdf