Itinerant Music Lessons in Level 2

Written by ChissyMusic

How will Itinerant music lessons look in level 2 at Chisnallwood?

I would like to thank each itinerant teacher who has made contact and offered lessons or resources; each parent who has supported their students with lessons and practice; and Sally Thompon, Jody Keehan and the Chisnallwood leadership.

We are excited about going back to school this week and being able to have itinerant music lessons and rehearsals happening in the performing arts block again.

What will music lessons look like this week?

  • for some, this week may involve returning back to lessons after having had a break,
  • for some, it may mean being able to see the music teacher in person after having had online lessons in level 4,
  • some students won’t be at school and may be continuing online lessons for a while or having a break,
  • and some students may have their lesson at school while the teacher teaches from their home (in the case of vocals and beatboxing)

Are we ready?Yes we sure are! We already had very good guidelines in place as soon as level three hit last term but they have been revisited and upgraded. Some of the things students will see in place include:

  • extra keyboards so piano students aren’t sharing a keyboard with their teacher
  • pointing rods in the rooms (for teachers only)
  • wipes, hand sanitiser etc in each room for teachers to administer
  • hand sanitiser and sign-in for itinerant teachers (and any visitor)
  • the lesson rolls will be used for contact tracing
  • lesson rooms are well ventilated and heated
  • limited numbers and spacing adhered to at all times
  • special considerations for each instrument’s hygiene requirements which each teacher is aware of (eg, cleaning guitar frets, piano keyboards, containing moisture from wind/brass instruments)

What do you need to know?Expectations include:

  • washing hands before and after a lesson
  • not going to a lesson (or school) if sick
  • bringing your own instrument, music and pencil to lessons – and wind and brass students please bring your own cleaning cloth for your instrument. This could be a clean, cotton handkerchief. (Clarinet and sax students should have issued pull-throughs).
  • teachers will let you into the lesson room (less door handling)
  • keeping physical distancing
  • being on time for your lesson

What do we need to know?

  • We need to know if there are any changes: for example, if you aren’t resuming lessons, or if you are wanting to start.
  • We need to know if you are sick or not going to be at your lesson for any reason.
  • We need to know if any financial issues have come out of Covid’19 that may affect lesson payments.

Click here for a super quick form that will help us if you fill it in.

Music GroupsThese will operate to the normal timetable with physical distancing in the music room, apart from choir which will remain online for safety reasons. Choir members will still be expected to keep engaged with the Choir Google Classroom and can still do the individual challenges set in there. A very small chorale will meet in the interim. Updates for all groups, bands, computer music, sound tech, songwriting etc will be in the Daily Information and Google Classrooms. The Orchestra and Loud Division will meet on Monday! (So please bring your instrument).JazzQuest big band competition: August 1 and 2JazzQuest combo competition: August 17-21

SummaryOur setup is based on well researched NZ music teaching guidelines set out here:

Other music news In case you missed it, please see , which includes Burnside SMP auditions, NZ Music Month challenges and more.

Thank you again – and we look forward to catching up soon :)Judith BellJody KeehanSally Thompson

By Judith Bell