Written by ChissyMusic


The Canterbury Heats of Smokefreerockquest are being held at  Aurora Centre, Cnr Greers Rd & Memorial Ave, on Saturday May 24th. Come and support our 5 Chisnallwood bands!

Tickets $10 at the door. No charge for band members, teachers and children 5yrs and under.

Here’s the line up of bands this Saturday: (Note: it is subject to change, but still gives an indication)

12:00         Contraband                                   West Eyreton School, Rangiora HS, Oxford Area School

12:05         16 Seconds                                   St Margaret’s College, St Thomas of Canterbury, Burnside HS

12:10         5 shades of grey                           Hurunui College

12:15         Clockwork                                    Burnside High School

12:20         Eleven                                           Hagley Community College

12:30         Killer Blue                                     Chisnallwood Intermediate

12:35         Limited Edition                             Burnside High School

12:40         Ivans Picnic on the Moon            Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti

12:45         SEMPERTERNAL                      St Andrew’s College (Christchurch)

12:50         Auria                                             Shirley Boys’ High School

1:00           Intense Procedure                        Rangiora High School

1:05           Cameroon Blue                            Papanui High School, St Thomas of Canterbury, Cashmere HS

1:10           Death is a Women                       Kaiapoi High School

1:15           The Unknown                               Hurunui College

1:20           The Sock Monkeys                      Heaton Normal Intermediate, Medbury Prep. School

1:30           Ivory                                              Hagley Community College

1:35           Sheila                                            Darfield High School

1:40           The Haze                                      Christchurch Boys’ High School, St Andrews College

1:45           Terabytes                                     Chisnallwood Intermediate

1:50           The Unknown                               Burnside High School

2:00           three day weekend                       St Andrew’s College (Christchurch)

2:05           Slick Acorn                                   Shirley Boys’ High School

2:10           A-Drift                                           Burnside High School

2:15           Revlation                                     Aranui High School

2:20           SeniorRHSfive                             Rangiora High School

2:25           Sonic Pulse                                  Chisnallwood Intermediate

2:30           RockAholics                                 Heaton Normal Intermediate

2:35           Aura                                              Hagley Community College

2:40           EmberCity                                    Burnside High School

2:45           Fracture the System                    Darfield High School

2:50           multi ringtone phone                Chisnallwood Intermediate

3:00           False Disciple                              Burnside High School, Papanui HS, Hagley Comm. College

3:05           JuniorRHSthreegirls                   Rangiora High School

3:10           Vivarium                                       Hagley Community College

3:15           Unidentified                                  Chisnallwood Intermediate

3:20           Reliant                                          Burnside High School

3:30           Broken Indicators                         Hagley Community College

Killer Blue

Sonic Pulse Terabytes UnidentifiedMultiRingTonePhone