“Class Disruption” gets placed 3rd

Written by ChissyMusic

Massive congratulations to Chisnallwood  rock band “Class Disruption” who were placed 3rd in the Regional Finals of Rockquest on Friday.

It is a huge achievement even to get through to the Regional Finals of Rockquest, which is primarily a high school event. Then to get a placing is exceptional.

Band members of Class Disruption  are:

Dylan Jonkers – bass and vocals

Sho Woodhouse – drums

Hiromu Crosado – keyboards

Jacob Carey – guitar

The two original songs they performed were written by Dylan Jonkers and called NO and TAKE IT AWAY. They are part of an album he is currently writing for the band.

The Regional Finals were held at the Foundry and 12 top bands from Canterbury high schools played. Class Disruption played with energy and skill and drew the crowd into their performance.

Chisnallwood has only had one band get this far in the past, and that was 18 years ago.

Parents can follow Class Disruption on their Facebook page.


By Judith Bell