Hamish Smith visits our jazz band!

Written by ChissyMusic

Ex-Student Hamish Smith, now living in New York, dropped by to see our jazz band as they prepare for JazzQuest and tour next term. Hamish’s extraordinary jazz journey started back at Chisnallwood in 2010-11.

Since starting jazz at Chisnallwood, and first picking up a double bass at JazzQuest weekend, Hamish has gone on to achieve incredible success on jazz journey.

Back in 2011 (year of the earthquakes) Hamish was already making waves with his bass playing as the jazz bands won gold at JazzQuest and the adjudicators award in Wellington and Hamish picked up awards. At Burnside High his success continued to grow as he played in their high standard groups. He got into NZ Youth Jazz Orchestra and then got into the World Youth Jazz Orchestra for 2 years running on bass! He then won a scholarship to Manhattan School of Music from which has has just graduated from his 4-year degree. He recently played his first two gigs with the famous Vanguard Jazz Orchestra at the Village Vanguard in New York. In May he featured on Radio New Zealand’s “NZ Music Month: Kiwis taking flight”.

His key tip to our band members when soloing was to “have fun”. We were lucky to hear him play, get advice and be inspired.

His website is https://www.smithbassist.com/

By Judith Bell