Itinerant Nights

Written by ChissyMusic

For students learning a musical instrument including vocals and beatbox…

Itinerant Music Nights

These nights are a wonderful opportunity to perform in a small friendly environment, for parents to hear what the students and teachers have been working on and for parents to meet the music teachers. These are “mini concerts” only last an hour and are a celebration of lesson and practise achievements! (If Covid levels suddenly change we will film these instead, but at the moment we are good to go ahead with small live events!).

ITINERANT NIGHT 1 – Monday October 12th 6-7pm
Bagpipes (Liz Drury)
Piano (Sue Kim and Pieta Hextall’s students)

ITINERANT NIGHT 2 – Tuesday October 13th 6-7pm
Trumpet (Greg Knowles),
Keyboard (Lynne Mackenzie)

ITINERANT NIGHT 3 – Wednesday October 14th 6-7pm
Clarinet, saxophone (Jody Keehan)
Flute (Janet)

ITINERANT NIGHT 4 – Monday November 23rd (term 4) 6-7pm
Drums (Jon Biddington),
Beatbox (Liam Dacombe)
Violin (Julie),
Piano (Marnie)
Vocals (Amanda)

ITINERANT NIGHT 5 and 6 – November 24th and 25th (Split over two days)
Guitar (Leroy)

By Judith Bell