Well done to the Irish and Jazz Bands

Written by ChissyMusic

The first school gig for 2017!

Our Irish band and Jazz bands opened the day at Parklands@Play on Feb 19th.

We were lucky to have our new robotics teacher Mr Brownbrooke play his fiddle with our 2016 Irish Band who opened the day!

The jazz band played next and it was great to have 6 brand new members taking part who have only been in the band a week or 2 playing along with the band. We are grateful to the year 9s and Kiera Jonkers for joining together for this local community gig.

There was a lot of good music there, including a “Secret Lives of Ukulele”, NorWest Brass, Zumba, Jump Jam, Rebekah Williams and Vintage Blue.

As well as the photos below you can find some great pictures from the day at their Facebook page.

Our Jazz and Irish will be together performing one more time on Sunday March 5th for Children’s Day at 2.20pm  – corner of new Brighton Road and Locksley Ave. Not to be missed! That event will run from 11-3pm.

By Judith Bell